How to get Gun license in India?

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How to get Gun license in India?

Under the Arms Act, 1959, a gun license is issued to the civilians and is often considered a privilege when someone has a gun license.

The official formalities for procuring a gun license is done in 3 steps:

  1. Application to the right authority:

You need to go to the concerned authority of your city along with designated fees which vary with the type of gun you want. For example, if you stay in Delhi then you need to go to A.D.C.P for Licensing, which is designated licensing authority in Delhi and similarly for other metro cities it D.C.P (Licensing) and for other than metro cities, it is S.D.M or the Sub-Divisional Magistrate. You can download the form from here.

  1. Verification:

After the application is submitted, the competent authority for licensing asks for a report on the application from the officer who is in charge posted at a police station nearest to the applicant, which has to be submitted by the Officer in the stipulated time.

The verification is done by the relevant Police station in the immediate locality of the address mentioned in the application so as to check your moral character. They also check whether you have any criminal record and all other information given in your application by you. In most of the cases, the policeman will visit each individual addresses mentioned and will also verify about you with the neighbors so as to pass judgment on the moral character you bear. They also verify whether the need for a gun license is justified or<>not. Also to note that people with past criminal record are not eligible for the license.

After the above procedure, a report for verification will be made the officer in charge and will be submitted to the authority.

  1. Final decision:

After the required inquiry, the authority for licensing, keeping in mind the report which has been received and the provisions under this Act might either grant or reject your application in writing.

Document required for the applications:

  • Age Proof
  • Address Proof
  • Copy of Ration card
  • Election card
  • Income tax returns of last 3 consecutive years
  • Character Certificates from two responsible citizens from your locality
  • Certificate of Physical fitness
  • Self-attested copies of Education Qualifications.
  • Written application by you stating your justified reasons for the need of arms license.

Types of Guns available for civilians:

Only Shotguns, Handguns and sporting rifles are allowed to be used by the civilians under the Act. Maximum three arms license can be held by the civilians and there is no limit on what combination that three licenses can be.

Arms available through dealers in India are:

  • NPB RIFLE – .315, .30-06 etc. rifle
  • NPB DBML GUN (Double Barrel Muzzle Loading Gun)
  • NPB DBBL GUN (Double Barrel Breech Loading Gun) – 12 bore/ 16 bores double barrel shotguns
  • NPB SBBL GUN (Single Barrel Breech Loading Gun) – 12 bore/ 16 bores single barrel shotguns
  • NPB PISTOL/ REVOLVER – .32, .30 etc. pistol or revolver
  • NPB SBML GUN (Single Barrel Muzzle Loading Gun)

NPB – Non-Prohibited Bore

Required Forms:

For any other details on the procedure of buying guns and their respective forms can be found here.

Permitted uses of Arms License:

Target shooting and Personal Protection are lawful purposes for getting an arms license.