Form for Interstate Car Registration in India

Complete Steps including forms for Interstate Car Registration

Interstate Car Registration form

Interstate car registration form in India

As the name implies, Interstate car Registration refers to processes engaged in obtaining a new registration number for a car involving to two or more states, that is when a car that has already been registered in a particular state is to be sold or moved/relocated to another state for more than 12 months or on a permanent basis, it is mandatory for such interstate vehicle to be re-registered, which is done through the interstate car registration form as dictated by the law, “As per section 47 of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 which states that, when a vehicle is transferred to a new state and kept for more than 12 months, the vehicle owner has to seek new registration number for the motor vehicle under the new Transport Authority”. It is very important to also note that vehicles relocated on a temporal basis say less than 12 months does not require a new registration number. The relocated vehicles/cars are referred to as interstate car.

How to go about Interstate Car Registration Form?

For as many that are interested in relocating their cars it is mandatory that such interstate car be re-registered, here lies detailed steps on how to go about interstate car registration form in India.

Step 1:

Obtain a NOC from the Bank.

This is first step involved in obtaining a new registration number for the interstate car. This step is only applicable to those who obtained loans from banks in other to purchase the car. You need to first contact the bank and obtain a NOC from them.  A No Objection Certificate (NOC) refers to a legal material/document that is obtainable from the Regional Transport Office (RTO) for re-registration of an interstate car.

In other to obtain a NOC from the bank the following necessary documents must submitted;

  • Address with proof of new location,
  • Reason for transfer with proof of job transfer.

The verification of the submitted documents will be carried out by the bank and once they are vetted to be legitimate, the bank delivers the NOC.

Step 2:

Obtain a NOC from the RTO where your vehicle was initially registered.

The second step is to obtain a NOC from Regional Transport Office (RTO) at the same place where the car was first registered. For example, for someone who is moving from Manipur to Punjab, you would need to obtain a NOC from the RTO in Manipur. To get this done, Form 27 and Form 28 will have to be submitted along with<> the copy of the NOC you obtained from the bank and the below listed documents:

  • NOC application for interstate transfer.
  • Next, you will have to submit the certificate of registration, insurance document, tax slip, and your current emission test certificate.
  • The original chassis imprint of the vehicle will also have to be submitted.
  • A few copies of CMV Form 28.
  • To speed up the process, attain a NOC from the police department as well. This will prove that you have no pending cases and you are eligible to continue with the process of making the transfer.

Immediately you obtain the NOC from the RTO, you can as begin the process of relocating your vehicle to another city. You are only left with one more step which is the registration of the car in the new city. Click to download Form 27 and Form 28.

Step 3:

Registration of the interstate car in the new city.

As soon as you have relocated your car to the new city, the next step you should take is to register your car in the new city. Most RTOs give clients a period of 6 months to do the registration, only ensure that you finish the procedures before the NOC terminates. Find the RTO for your territory and before you begin registration ensure that all the listed documents are available and usable.

  • Original RC copy
  • Copy of Insurance of the car.
  • Copy of the NOC you obtained in previous steps – from the bank, police department and the RTO.
  • Form 29 and form 30 for re-registration.
  • Emission test certificate
  • Photo ID and local address proof.
  • Applicable fees like road tax, octroi charges.

When you have presented the above listed documents, the RTO will take a couple of days to issue your registration number. For this, going through an agent will without a doubt accelerate the procedure and will make the procedure more straightforward. That said, if you are only relocating temporarily, you do not have to go through the hassle of re-registration. As mentioned earlier, you can drive for a maximum of 12 months in a new city without the need of going for a re-registration as slated by the rules of the RTO. Click to download Form 29 and Form 30.

A new registered car owner who is interested in relocating or transferring the car to a new state permanently or for a duration of time more than 12 months should follow the above explained steps to get his interstate car re-registered but if the steps seems too difficult or a major setback is experienced while following the steps, an agent can be hired who will guide you through the whole process, faster, time saving but also expensive.