Copyright registration in India

Process of online copyright registration

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What is Copyright?

Copyright is an exclusive right granted to authors of original works such as Artistic, Literary, Dramatic, Musical, Software, Cinematographic and Sound Recording works. This legal right gives authors control over the use of their materials such as issuing copies to the public, performing in public, broadcasting, use online and to object to its distortion or its mutilation. Copyright in India is governed under the Copyright Act, 1957. Material protected by copyright is referred to as “work”. Copyright registration.

Works that can be protected by copyright registration includes the following:

  1. Literary work:

    These includes books, articles, magazines, tables and compilations. The applicant is required to file the work in the form of a printed book or a CD which has the entire book in one file.

  2. Dramatic work:

    This is the script of a drama. The work is to be filed in the form of a printed book or a CD which has the entire script.

  3. Artistic work:

    These are a painting, drawing, work of architecture, photograph, map, plan etc. The applicant is required to file the art work in a printed form or a CD.

  4. Musical Work:

    These are the musical notations. It does not include any song sung by any person. The applicant is required to file a CD.

  5. Sound Recording:

    These are musical work and lyrics. The applicant is required to file a CD.

  6. Cinematographic work:

    These are audio-visual works of any kind. Applicant is expected to file a CD.

  7. Software:

    These are instructions for operating a system or an App. The applicant is required to file a CD.

How to Register For Copyright.

An author or applicant can file the application for registration of copyright, himself or through his authorized legal representative. Documents required for registration includes:

  1. Power of Attorney in case the application is filed on behalf of the author.
  2. 3 copies of the work to be copyrighted.
  3. Identity proof PAN Card, Aadhar card, Driving license or Passport.

This application can be made by applying through e-filing facility available on the official copyright website of Copyrights Office. The registration process is divided broadly into 3 stages which are:

The Application Filing Stage.

  • Step 1:

    the first step is to register on the official website of Copyrights Office. As a new user click on “new user registration” Note, ensure that you provide a valid e-mail and mobile number while registering and also write down your User ID and Password for future use.

  • Step 2:

    Afterwards login, then click on “online Copyright Registration”. Then proceed to complete the Form XIV, click here to download the form. After filling the form press save button.

  • Step 3:

    Fill-up the Statement of Particulars, This form is applicable for Literary, Dramatic, Musical and Artistic works. Press save button after filling the forms and then proceed to the next step.

  • Step 4:

    Proceed to make the payment through Internet Payment gateway. Click here for details of the processing fee.

  • Step 5:

    After successful submission of the form, a Diary Number will be generated ensure that you note it for future reference.

  • Step 6

    : The next step is to send the following document (Acknowledgment Slip and Copyright Registration Report) by post to the Copyright Division, Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion, Ministry of Commerce and Industry. For more information concerning online application click here.

The Examination Stage.

After filing of the application, Copyright office will examine the application. During this waiting period of 30 days any person interested may lodge an objection against the application. It is then examined by the Registrar of Copyright to verify the formal particulars of the application. The Copyright office also <>considers whether the work is registrable or not.

The Registration Stage.

If the Registrar is satisfied and if there is no outstanding objection, the application proceeds further and an entry is made in the Copyright Register of the Registration. An extract of the Copyright Register will be sent to the Applicant. If the Registrar has any objection an opportunity of hearing is given. The Copyright office will complete the entire process within 8 to 10 months in some cases which are straight forward cases of registration.