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What is Learner’s License – Form 2?

Form for applying Learning License is the form of Learner’s License- Form 2 is a form which can be filled for candidates who are looking for a Driving License or Learner’s License or Addition of a New Vehicle or Renewal of Driving License or Change of Address or Name. Driving license online form.

Driving license online form


Form for applying Learning License

It is easy to fill the form and does not involve any complexity as other types do. There is only necessary information needed. In this article, we’ve tried to summarize what Learner’s License- Form 2 is, how it should be filled, and what all is needed to do the same. So let us have a look.

  • Step-1: You have to choose from the options of services that you wish to fill the form for. For example, if you want to fill it for getting a New Learner’s License, you’ll have to put a tick in front of it, and the same you’ll have to do if you wish to fill it for another service.
  • Step-2: If you choose for a new Learner’s License or a New Driving License, you’ll need to select a class from Vehicles ( COV). In this, you will have to choose from a wide variety of vehicles like Motorcycle Without Gear (MCWOG), Motorcycle With Gear (MCWG), Light Motor Vehicle as Non Transport Vehicle ( LMV NTV), Invalid Carriage( Vehicles used by Divyang), Light Motor Vehicle as Transport Vehicle, Medium or Heavy Goods or Passenger Vehicle as Transport Vehicle, E-Rickshaw, E-Cart, Others ( Harvester, Excavator, Forklift, Trailers, Crane mounted vehicles, Agricultural tractor and power tiller, Tow trucks, Breakdown Van and Recovery cars, Construction equipment vehicles).
  • Step-3: Filling personal details is always the one thing without which a form is useless. And in this step, the applicant, i.e., you are supposed to fill in your details. These include: Details of Aadhar card ( if already available with the applicant), Aadhar Card number, Details of Aadhar (application number if applied), Aadhar Card application number, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Gender, Date Of Birth, Educational Qualification, Blood Group, Email (optional), Mobile Number, Landline Number (optional).
  • Step-4: This step is quite simple as you have to fill in the First, Middle and the Last name of your Mother or Father or Husband or Guardian. Driving license online form.
  • Step-5: In case of New Learner’s License or New Driving License or Change of Address, the applicant has to provide address proof and its details in the form of Present Address (shall be printed on License) and Permanent Address (Only if different from Present Address). There should be specifications also made like Sub-District, District, State and Pin Code.
  • Step-6: In case of request for Addition of a Class of Vehicle in Transport Category, the applicant has to fill in additional details like Driving School Name, Enrollment number in the Driving School, Enrollment date in the Driving School, Certificate number issued by the Driving School, Certificate date as published by the Driving School, Training period in the Driving School ( From date, To Date).
  • Step-7: In this step, the applicant needs to fill in the details or particulars of any current License (if any), which can be Permanent or Learners. This includes License Number, Class of Vehicle(s), Name of the Licensing Authority which issued the License, Validity Period ( From date, To date).
  • Step-8: One of the most important steps of all is this step, in which it is required to attach all the required documents. The documents include Document for Proof of age (Aadhar Card, Electoral Roll, Life Insurance Policy, Passport, School Certificate, etc.), <>Document for Self-Declaration, Parent or Guardian Declaration, Photograph, etc.
  • Step-9: The final step includes Declaration of the applicant along with a signature, and another Declaration is from the Parent’s or Guardian’s side, providing their consent for the same, along with a name.

You can download the Learner’s License- Form 2 from:

This was a simple step-by-step explanation of the procedure for filling the Learner’s License- Form 2. I’m sure you wouldn’t have any problem filling it on your own. All the best and drive safe!