Apply for International Driving License in India

International driving license in India

What is an International Driving License?

An International Driving License (IDL) or IDC is a special driving license available to Indian Citizens traveling abroad. This is also known as International Driving Permit or IDP. The validity of this license is for a year from the date of issue. This license is generally required by people who are flying abroad for tourism or business purposes.
IDC is required to drive a car in a foreign country and is recognized as a valid driving license. This is also required if you are planning to hire a car in a foreign country and very much required to claim Insurance if you are involved in any mishap.

Process of Application for IDC

Acquiring an International Driving License is nowadays a very convenient process. It usually takes 2 days to one week to be ready and delivered to you once all supporting documents are submitted along with the specified form. The government has notified “Form 4” for issuing IDC in India.

There are a couple of ways you can acquire an International Driving License or permit in India. We have listed below for your information along with the links.

  1. Western India Automobile Association
  2. Regional Transport Office (RTO)
  3. Through the International Traffic Control Association (ITCA)

Western India Automobile Association:

The Western India Automobile Association is one of the largest Automobile Association. You can apply for membership to the Association and also apply for “International Driving Permit” or IDP.
WIAA is the only authorized organization to issue IDPs in India apart from the local RTOs.
The Application fees are around 800 Rupees (as of 2018) and the complete process along with documents is available on the below link:

Application Link :

International Traffic Control Association (ITCA)

ITCA is an unofficial translation that along with your national driver’s license. Technically it is not an International Driving Permit but a translation of your Driving license. This should be applied if your driving license is in the local language (and not in the host country language)
This is not a valid ID proof and should be used and applied accordingly.
The International Driving Document (IDD) fees are around Euro 30 for 1-year validity and can be applied through the ITCA online portal.

Application Link:
Detailed FAQs:

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Regional Transport Office (RTO)

The easiest way is to apply through your local RTO office; the credit goes to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.
You need to visit your nearest RTO office, along with the required documents and the fees i.e. 500 rupees but effective from 2017, fees are revised to 1000 rupees. You need to fill the ‘Form for the Issue of International Driving Permit’, or Form 4 A. This form is available in all the RTO Offices across all districts.
The form requires you to fill some general details like name, address, driving license number, country the individual is traveling to and so on which is easy. Once submitted along with required documents, the license is delivered to you in around 3-4 working days beginning from the day of your application.

Documents Required

  • Valid Driving license.
  • Form-4A and 5 passport-sized photographs
  • Passport and Visa of a foreign country
  • Air Ticket
  • Medical certificate
  • Fee i.e. Rs. 1000 (from 2017)
  • Proof of being an Indian citizenship*
  • Address proof*

*Passport or/along with Driving license can be used as proof of Indian Citizen and also as Address proof.

Download link to the form:

All other Forms like Medical Certificate etc can also be downloaded from here:

Misplaced or Loss of IDC

Mistakes happen and in the situation when you lose your International driver’s license, it’s advisable to report as soon as possible. It can be utilized as your identity proof, therefore it is very important you to report to relevant authorities. You need to report loss depending on where you lost your IDL.

    • If lost in your own country: FIR needs to be filed and a letter written addressing the RTO about the mishap.
    • If you lose it abroad while traveling: Approach the local authority along with the Indian Embassy. In this case, they’ll generate a duplicate of your license but you can only claim the insurance on the basis of a duplicate after a thorough verification is done.

We hope the information is relevant and helps you in getting your International Driving License. Have a happy and safe journey.